VectorMug Stickers

Stick / Scan / Caffeinate

With a VectorMug sticker, all you need to buy a coffee is your favorite mug.
Just slap it on and let the barrista do the rest.



Why use a barcode-enabled mug?

Bringing your own mug for coffee on-the-go already has plenty of benefits: it reduces waste, keeps your drink fresh, and some caf├ęs will even offer you a small discount.

A mug with a barcode on it, linked directly to your loyalty card, adds additional value. No more fumbling for your wallet or phone, or trying to remember which folder you buried that app in—all you need to do pass your mug to the barrista, let them scan it and fill it up.

How does it work?

Some coffee shops (like Starbucks) let you pay for an order using a smartphone. Just open the app, tap on your card, and let the barrista scan your screen.

The barcode that your barrista scans is (surprise!) your 16-digit card number, encoded as a barcode.

VectorMug streamlines this process by letting you download a printable version of this barcode that you can stick on any mug.

The only information you need is your 16-digit card number, which you can find by looking at your card or by opening your coffee app.

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